Jennifer Fearing

Jennifer Fearing, a vegan, is HSUS’s Chief Economist and California Senior State Director, responsible for all legislative and lobbying activities in the Golden State. (Click here for HSUS's California-specific Facebook page.) 

Fearing is also an advisor to the Humane Research Council. “Among the liberal-leaning true believers at the Humane Society, Fearing is still considered the token Republican,” the Los Angeles Times wrote in 2009. In 2008, Fearing managed HSUS’s pro-Proposition 2 campaign, a ballot initiative that restricted the way livestock will be raised in the future. According to the Sacramento Bee, one of Fearing’s “most passionate causes” is “promoting vegetarianism.”

Before going to work for HSUS in 2006, Fearing served for three years as president and CEO of United Animal Nations, a nonprofit that aids animals during disasters, and was a senior consultant with Econ One Research, a position she held for eight years.

Fearing received a master's degree in public policy from Harvard and a bachelor's degree in economics and political science from UC Davis. She interned with the George H.W. Bush administration.