‘We Are Nebraska Farmers and Ranchers’

HSUS has launched a new assault on Nebraska farmers and ranchers. This week, HSUS attacked the Governor after he stood up for animal agriculture and against HSUS—which has said it wants to “get rid of the entire industry.” HSUS is taking offense to some tough rhetoric the Governor used.

It’s a politically opportunistic move, and now HSUS has launched a “We Are Nebraska” campaign, asking its supporters to submit photos of themselves and their animals (so far, it's almost all pets). It’s yet another bait-and-switch campaign: The real issue is HSUS’s anti-agriculture agenda, and it's using photos of dogs and cats to distract. But that’s nothing new for HSUS—its deceptive ads have a similarly manipulative formula.

We’re calling on Nebraska farmers and ranchers: Submit a photo of yourself, your animals/pets, or (better yet) you with your animals/pets to our Facebook wall and show your support for agriculture. Here’s how:

Click on the “photo” tab near the top of the page.

Then click “Upload a Photo” and find it on your computer’s hard drive. (If you can’t get it to work, email us at [email protected] and we’ll post it for you.)

Be sure to include a description of your farm and your background when you post the photo! If you want to email us a testimonial or your thoughts on HSUS, we’d be happy to publish some.

HSUS absurdly claims it has 51,000 members in Nebraska. That’s its self-claimed “constituency,” which we’ve shown overstates HSUS actual membership by a factor of potentially 10 or 20. So, really, there are likely only a few thousand actual HSUS members in the state.

There are far more people involved in producing food for Nebraska and the rest of America. If you’re one of them, we hope you’ll take part in our campaign and stand against a group that wants to destroy your livelihood!