Happy Thanksgiving from HumaneWatch

ThanksgivingTurkeyIt’s that great time of the year when family can get together and stuff themselves silly while catching up and perhaps watching a little football. But since it’s a day that revolves around eating meat, that drives animal rights activists crazy.

Unsurprisingly, there’s an op-ed from a Humane Society of the United States campaigner that calls for people to go turkey-free on Thanksgiving. That’s certainly your choice; there are plenty of good side dishes that don’t contain meat. But HSUS doesn’t want you to have a personal choice about eating turkey—or any other animal product.

The author, Kristie Middleton, is a former PETA employee—and she’s by no means the first PETA person to make her way to HSUS. HSUS’s food policy director, Matt Prescott, actually created PETA’s infamous campaign comparing farms to Nazi concentration camps.

There are plenty of other connections between HSUS and PETA. Read some of them here.

PETA, meanwhile, is up to what you’d expect around Thanksgiving time. It has published a graphic cartoon video, and it also has placed an ad at a bus stop in Providence, RI. The ad is designed in such a way so that adults see a perfectly normal ad, while people below 4’ tall—that is, kids—see a gruesome ad.

After all these years, we can’t say we’re surprised by PETA wingnuts. So why does HSUS keep hiring them?

Our philosophy is pretty simple. We’re grateful to live in a free country with plenty of food and choices. While HSUS and PETA spread their thankless tirades on turkey-eating, someone needs to tell them to stuff it.