Happy Retirement, Bob!


An HSUS insider informs us that Robert Roop, the long-time Humane Society of the United States Vice President for Humane Resources—and President of the quasi-official “Humane Society University”—has finally succumbed to "compassion fatigue." He left his post at the end of 2010.

Indeed, the “University” no longer lists Roop as its president [ see before & after ], and HSUS’s website no longer includes him in its online list of “leaders.”

We first discussed Roop in the context of wondering how a man whose own Ph.D. came from a diploma mill wound up as President of a degree-granting institution (however unaccredited those “degrees” may be).

In any event, we’ve updated Roop’s HumaneWatch biography to reflect his retirement. If you’re aware of any other employment changes at HSUS among key personnel—hirings, firings, retirements, resignations, or whatever—please let us know so we can keep HumaneWatch current.

Good luck in retirement, Bob. And don't spend all your HSUS pension funds in one place.