Shelter Supply Saturday Is TODAY

You’ve been hearing about it all week long, and today is the day! We’re asking all 200,000 HumaneWatch Facebook fans to step up to the plate and do what the super-rich Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) should be doing, but isn’t.

Pet shelters need more than just your cash donations. It takes a mountain of cleaning supplies, cat litter, hardware, tools, and linens (to say nothing of food) to keep homeless cats and dogs safe and healthy while they wait for adoptive homes. That’s where you come in.

Here’s everything you’ll need to be a part of it (aside from a few dollars for supplies and gas money):

"Shelter Supply Saturday" is just the beginning. Stay tuned for another special date this winter, when we’ll ask you to show your appreciation for the shelter employees who take on what is sometimes a thankless job, and do it with tremendous grace and compassion.

Thank you, too, for caring enough to help make an animal shelter a better place. Everyone who participates today is doing more for homeless dogs and cats than any $100 million animal charity can ever hope to. 

You're touching the lives of animals, a few at a time, creating the sort of necessary miracle that too often eludes the richest animal charity in the world.

The animals sitting in your local pet shelter today don't need top-dollar lobbyists. They don't need lawyers. They don't need wealthy nonprofit executives with bloated pensions. They don't need fundraisers or slick TV infomercials.

They just need you.