Better Education and Outreach?

A HumaneWatch reader tipped us off the other day about an article in the October edition of Better Homes and Gardens. In Editor in Chief Gayle Goodson Butler’s column, she lists HSUS as a charity worthy of donations. (Click the picture to enlarge.)

We’re disappointed, but we see this as a good opportunity. HumaneWatchers have worked together before to help educate many others who have promoted HSUS without knowing the full story about the organization, including Atlantic Publishing, Jordan Winery, Yellow Tail Wines, Precious Cat kitty litter, Hill’s Science Diet dog food, Mary Kay cosmetics, and Pilot Travel Corp.

It’s time to do the same with Better Homes and Gardens.

Today we sent a letter to Butler to let her know that HSUS isn’t what people think it is. You can read the letter here.

If you’d like to contact Better Homes and Gardens and politely register your disappointment while telling the publication’s Editor in Chief the plain-and-simple truth about HSUS, you can email [email protected].

We’ll let you know if we hear back—and be sure to share any replies that you receive.