Michael Greger

Dr. Michael Greger is the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture with HSUS and a vegan nutrition specialist. His role at HSUS is to use the pretense of disease outbreaks to create public scares about animal farming.

Greger wrote the book Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching, which attempts to tie livestock production methods to the spread of the H5N1 flu. He was also the BSE (mad cow disease) issue coordinator for the Organic Consumers Association, editing a mad-cow-scare web page for the group.

Like many other top dogs at HSUS, Greger is a long-time vegetarian evangelist. During his “Animal Rights 2002” convention speech, he declared: “The future of the animal liberation movement depends on our ability to unite with other social justice movements, and corporate globalization is the key bridging issue we’ve been waiting for all of our lives.” He has also ranted against corporations, and has had ties to a variety of leftist political movements, including the 1999 Seattle anti-globalist riots, 2002 “Anti-Capitalist Convergence” protests in Washington, and “living wage” actions at Harvard University in 2001.

More recently, Greger has been meshing with the organization of “Supreme Master” Ching Hai to spread his disease scaremongering. Ching Hai is a so-called spiritual leader—called a “cult leader” by some—who promotes vegetarianism as the path to enlightenment. Before migrating to HSUS, Greger was Chief Medical Investigator for Farm Sanctuary and a proprietor of the “Vegan MD” website.