Why Gun Rights Activists Should Care About HSUS

Handgun_ammoWe got a slew of new readers today to our website courtesy of several hunting and gun-rights groups who posted on Facebook our state map of how little the deceptively named “Humane Society” of the United States gives in grants to help local pet shelters care for pets. A few people asked, however: Why should Second Amendment or hunting supporters care about HSUS?

There’s a lot reasons. The money that HSUS is raising under deceptive pretenses helps fund a radical anti-gun and anti-hunting agenda.

  • HSUS’s lobbying arm fought a successful push to allow concealed carry in National Parks, on the grounds that it could increase poaching. That’s about as logical as saying we should ban concealed carry entirely because permit holders might be potential robbers or murderers, despite the fact that they are overwhelmingly law-abiding citizens.
  • HSUS is trying to ban lead ammunition in hunting, which sets a bad precedent for all shooters. HSUS’s allies in the radical environmental movement are hoping to go further and ban lead ammo from target ranges.
  • HSUS is a rabidly anti-hunting organization. HSUS CEO Wayne “I don’t love animals” Pacelle has said, “If we could shut all sport hunting down in a moment, we would.”
  • Pacelle has also come out against hunting for food. When asked if he would prohibit it, he replied, “I think that I would campaign against it. Yes, I think that I would.”
  • Pacelle has claimed that the “NRA is led by extremists,” as if protecting hunting and Second Amendment rights is a radical concept. “The NRA’s invoking of the noble principles of freedom and constitutional rights to defend hunting, as with its inflexible stance on gun control, is only a smoke screen for extremism,” Pacelle stated.

HSUS’s main mission very much includes attacking hunters and farmers and trying to stop people from eating meat, cheese, ice cream, and other animal products—the PETA agenda, in short. HSUS is also no friend to gun rights, and will throw them under the bus whenever it’s convenient.